The truth about Pantene?
2007-09-28 17:01:18 UTC
I have heard so many negative things about Pantene about how it's so bad for your hair. I have been using it for years now and just recently stopped because of all the bad things I heard. But it sucks cause no shampoo make my hair look better than pantene. Does anyone else use pantene or have heard bad things about it?
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2007-09-28 17:08:29 UTC
I use Pantene Red Expressions and I love it. I have heard a lot of negative things about it and how it is full of alcohol and chemicals, but what shampoo that's affordable isn't. I don't have the money to spend on fancy salon shampoos that are supposedly better for your hair. I've been using it for years and I get complements all the time because my hair is in such good shape and very shiny. My step mom is a hairdresser and she said it was ok to use. My hair hasn't fallen out from using Pantene!!!!
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Pantene Shampoo Wikipedia
2007-09-29 12:33:22 UTC
I've been a licensed cosmetologist for 35 years, and at one time,owning a beauty salon. I have to say...this really burns me up when I hear of the negative things that some competitors say about Pantene. I have used both of Pantene's shampoos and conditioners for years and I can't find any other product that holds a candle to theirs. As Dan above me mentions, Pantene products do contain safe co polymers (waxes) that thicken the hair shaft and give it so much body.

It's a fact, most of us have medium to thin, fine hair. Not thick or coarse. Pantene's products are more beneficial to most of us as a result, because of the co polymers (thickeners) in them. That's why Pantene make most heads of hair look more luxurious and full. Why then, would that be so "bad" ? My husband doesn't like Pantene, but prefers Finesse, a very good, but much lighter hair product. He has a full and coarser texture of hair.

Just keep using what is best for you. Pantene is as close as you can get to the professional beauty products, without the extra cost.
2007-09-28 17:15:44 UTC
I've hair stylists diss Pantene but then it gets raves in Allure magazine's reader poll & other best products lists.

Here is a review slamming Pantene's shampoo:

Here's Allure's Readers' Choice Awards:

You're going to have to decide what works best for you.

Personally, I really like Pantene conditioners - the extra body formula is my favorite.

One tip though - no matter what brand of shampoo I'm using I will use a clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo is my favorite. It gets rid of any product build up.
2007-09-28 17:15:02 UTC
My hair dresser warned me about Pantene because I used to use it all the time. Do you notice if your hair sheds alot? Pantene has silicone in it which does give your hair that beautiful shine but at the cost of your hair falling out. We all naturally shed our hair, but using Pantene will make it shed more than usual. Its definetly not going to make it fall out and make you bald, but it will just cause your hair to shed more than normal. If you aren't worried about the cost, then the best brand would be Matrix and Biolage. If you don't want to spend too much then your best bet is Herbal Essence and Tresemme.
2007-09-28 17:07:17 UTC
I think I remember hearing from a hairstylist is that the only reason Pantene makes your hair look good is from some kind of built in wax-type thing that gives your hair more hold and makes it shiny.
2007-09-28 17:15:54 UTC
I used Pantene for a while but the girl who cuts my hair told me to stop because it contains a lot of wax, which puts a weird buildup on your hair (but also makes it nice and shiny.) She told me that unless you're going to spend money on the expensive stuff (Aveda, etc) you might as well just use the cheap Suave. Other than that I haven't heard bad things, but I recently switched to Herbal Essences and it seems to do well for my hair (without the weird buildup.)
2007-09-28 17:07:28 UTC
I've been using pantene for years and I started using it because the hairdresser used to go to, used it during a summer, and her hair went from ear length to shoulder length. My hair is down to my shoulders and it's thick and shiny. If it works for you, keep using it. Don't listen to other people.
2007-09-28 17:04:59 UTC
I haven't heard any bad things I love pantene---also love finesse
Dan S
2007-09-28 17:42:04 UTC
I like it and I use it because my fine hair is full of cow licks and when I use the version made for fine hair it makes my hair thicker and fuller and easier to comb, style and I don't look like I stuck my finger into a wall socket.

Let's get one thing straight hair is DEAD, it is a collection of dead cells, there are no veins or arteries in your hair and it doesn't breathe or have any life in it. All of those statements are just ways to sell you more hair care products. All conditioner does is coat the hair with an oil to make it shine and shampoo is softer than the most mild soap because it doesn't have lye in it.

As for bad things about Pantene, I haven’t heard anything, I haven’t felt anything, I haven’t suffered any problems, and I plan to continue to use it. As they said on my local news last night, “If you see a health study that you don’t like then wait 6 months and another one that contradicts it will come out.”

According to Wikipedia:

“Pantene is a brand of hair care products owned by Procter & Gamble.”

Procter & Gamble is a pretty good company and they wouldn’t risk putting out an inferior product.

According to Wikipedia:

“Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G, NYSE: PG) is a Fortune 500, American global corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that manufactures a wide range of consumer goods. In 2007, P&G is the 25th largest US company by revenue, 18th largest by profit, and 10th in Fortune's Most Admired Companies list.”

One of the 10th most admired companies; you can’t buy advertising like that!

The company has been involved in soap making since the Civil War and they are one of the most trusted manufactures in the US, just look at their brand names. Are you going to stop using Clairol, CoverGirl, Camay, Ivory, Oil of Olay, Always, or Tampax because they are made by the same company?

Thinks it’s a good shampoo.

The reviewer at Associated Media Content:

Gives it 5 stars.

According to

“Hyderabad: Procter & Gamble (P&G) has launched a new range of Pantene Pro-V shampoos with Amino Pro-V Complex phasing out the old range. According to officials the company has withdrawn the entire stock of the old range of Pantene Pro-V shampoos from the market.”

According to the National Institutes of Health:

There only problem is that it can be a minor eye irritant.


Had a bad review because it wasn’t strong enough to clean her hair, not because of a problem with it.

Click Advisor:

Gave it 3 out of 5 stars, but had no problems with it.

Expo televison:

Has a good review on it.

Debunks the rumor that injecting Pantene will get you high.


Has both a good and bad review, but doesn’t mention any problems, but if you read the review she only has good things to say about it and is just disappointed because is isn’t a miracle product.


I saw 10 bad reviews out of 27, but most of those were for waxy buildup. I did read 2 reviews complaining of hair loss, but that could have come from other reasons the evidence is anecdotal.

Just where is your information coming from? I watch the local and National News ever night and I have never heard of any problems or recalls about Pantene. I avoided the P&G sites and tried looking for “Pantene and problems” and “Pantene and difficulties” and got no results so just where are you getting your information from?

I have a fine full head of hair and I just turned 48. I can't say the Pantene did it, but it didn't cause me any hair loss. I like the waxy nature because it makes my fine hair fuller and it feels softer.
2007-09-28 17:29:06 UTC
yah pantene is bad..all it wax lol i use tresseme.. and some times dove..
2007-09-28 17:05:51 UTC
Really? I've never heard about that! Thankfully, I use Tresemme.

I think I spelled it wrong.
Alan Retrobyte
2007-09-28 17:31:20 UTC
It's an O.K. shampoo.

I suggest Silk Elements :)
2007-09-28 17:07:07 UTC
The truth about pantene is that..............IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well thats what I heard

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